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THE 2019-2020 GROW GROUP

For Professionals

Creating Future Leaders





GROW GROUP For Professionals Meets Online Monthly

You May Attend All 10 Sessions or Choose Your Favorite Topics:


Mindset + Management + Marketing


GROW GROUP Participation INCLUDES 1-on-1 Monthly Individual Coaching

On Topics Of Your Choice


GROW Meeting 2nd Thursday of The Month

(NO Meetings in March/April or September/October)


NOON – 1:00 PM (Pacific)


Bring Your Lunch and Participate From Anywhere




  1. FREE July 11 Preview: Overview of All Subjects; Setting Your Intentions and Goals; FREE 1-on-1 Coaching Session Available


2019 - MINDSET:

2. August 8: Your Personal Mission/”Why?” Statement

3. November 14: Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 (online assessment available)

4. December 12: Your Emotional Guidance System; Emotional Upgrades


​5. January 9: Time + Energy Management; Prioritizing; Procrastination; Planning

6. February 13: Building Trust With Others/Your Team; Languages of Appreciation

7. May 14: Delegation Styles; Coaching Questions To Enrich Communication

8. June 11: Difficult Conversations Becoming Learning Opportunities


9. July 9: Selling Yourself With Confidence;

10. August 13: Creating Loyalty + Engagement With Clients; Final Wrap-Up




Studies show that coaching reinforces classroom learning and helps people implement change.

Hearing the challenges and successes of others and learning together is an empowering experience! 


Retain and Motivate Good People to GROW

Toward Management/Partnership in Your Firm!



PRICING: Full Program or Pay-As-You-Go

                          Full 10 Session Program:

•$1975 For 9 Monthly Meetings + 9 Coaching Sessions

•Reserve With Full Payment In Advance Below

•Videotaped Meetings Available for Missed Dates

•For Any Referral That You Send Who Signs Up, You Receive a Free Coaching Session 

•Individual Coaching Sessions Available After Program Completion At Reduced Rate



•$275/Month for Meeting + Coaching Session

•Reserve With Payment In Advance Below









Here's What GROW  Clients Say They Like Best:

  • Even though I have more to do this tax season than ever before, I'm less stressed - thanks to your tools that help me choose to be calm!  - New Partner


  • Sue always asks good questions that challenge me and help me become a better manager.

  • Techniques for emotional upgrades. I am starting to explore the benefits of your 15 Second Meditation and incorporating it into my daily habit.

  • I never thought about the why, how, what of my career path before in this way. As I have to describe to others in my personal life and also just considering what I want for my future career, it's understanding why I like doing what I do. 

  • Thank you for helping me when I needed it the most! I really appreciate you and your invaluable feedback that has gotten me unstuck and moved me forward. I'm much happier now!

Professionals who pursue personal and professional development

enjoy happier engagement in their careers and lives!

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