*Helps you release the unconscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs

lying beneath your reactions, habits and results.

*Re-evaluates what beliefs best serve you in pursuing your goals and the life you want.

*Chooses your new empowering beliefs going forward to gain success in all areas of life.


Would You Like to Grow Beyond:

...feeling stuck and powerless

…that inner voice of self-criticism

…reacting to what others think about you

…the fears that hold you back

...feeling not good enough

…worrying about the future or the past

…the limiting beliefs blocking your success

 Are you finding greater success in some areas of life

(good career choices, easy clients, satisfying relationships)

and struggling more in others

(those difficult clients, frustrating circumstances, relationships, health, or wealth)?

Are you doing well enough - but know that you could be SO much more fulfilled?!

Are you tired of a "B+ Career/Life" when you could become an "A"? 

Please contact me for a 30-MINUTE GIFT CALL Session

and explore how to have the fulfillment you wish you could have.



Gives you the tools and the support

to help you address your workplace and life challenges,

from the inside out!

"Sue is a truly exceptional coach with a full palate of skills. I just had my second session with her and experienced awakening insights worth decades of therapy. She gently guided me to navigate the release of layers of confusion and barriers to living my true potential...compassionate, intuitive and brilliantly insightful.

I highly recommend her as a coach."

-Medical Professional

"Sue, Thank you!...It was so fantastic...

This really shifted my perspective about certain relationships.

Now when we interact, I am neutral, no anger or guilt!

I used to make myself smaller in many situations to fit in...

This has changed so much for me, really powerful!"

- IT Professional

"Sue welcomes you with a lot of compassion, motivation and good humour. Sue has an excellent combination of structure with intuition…incredibly released important information from my childhood. I am very fond and grateful to her...sessions with Sue was a wonderful experience.  I recommend her 100%."

-Strategic Planning Consultant