WHY JOIN THE G.R.O.W. GROUP? You will...

GAIN New Skills for Leadership

RESET The Mind for Balance

OWN Your Strengths for Effectiveness

WORK The Right Goals for Fulfillment

Hearing the challenges and successes of others

while learning together is an empowering experience.

Reinforce the skills you need for your career/life progress.

GROW GROUP Meets Online Monthly for 2 Hours


1st Thursday of the Month

10 AM - Noon Pacific Time (GMT -7)

(Adjusted for holidays and tax deadline dates)



1.   Start with “Why?” and Your Purpose Statement

2.   Goal Setting for 2021

3.   Strategies for Building New/Breaking Bad Habits

4.   Navigating the Emotional Guidance Scale

5.   Team Building + "EQ"/Emotional Intelligence

6.   Utilizing Your Strengths + Managing Weaknesses

7.   Managing Time, Energy + Priorities 

8.   On-the-Job Coaching Questions for Learning

9.   Difficult Conversations + Performance Evaluation 

10. Delegation, Not Frustration

11. Confident Decision Making

12. Summary Review and Final Exam


First Meeting Always Free







Studies Show that Coaching Reinforces Learning and Helps People Implement Change.

Retain and Motivate Good People to GROW and Create Future Leaders!




  • Meeting Recordings Available

  • Free 1-on-1 Coaching Session

ANNUAL Membership: $970 (10% Discount)

Includes 1 Free Individual Coaching Session

Inquire About Additional Firm Members' Discount 

MONTHLY Pay-As-You-Go: $98

"I found the program to be very helpful for further developing management skills in areas like delegation, time mgmt.,mindset (especially helpful), decision making, teamwork, and more and would definitely recommend it." - New Partner

"Thank you Sue. When I look back ... the GROW program and working with you

will be a hallmark.  Thank you for your support in my career development!" - Senior Manager

It always proves to be a very good time for these sessions. And we realize that we needed that stop in our non-stop rhythm for something that’s designed to help us be better and do better. - Staff

"In general this program opened up our minds with different ways to approach situations and work processes. I can appreciate the mental aspect of it now more than I would’ve before. I can connect with people more and focus in more on that....Now my role is more managerial to help others grow, not just getting things done.  And I see that it’s starting to show up in my evaluations, about working well with staff and keeping it positive." - Senior Manager

"I had a general idea beforehand of all these concepts, but now I have a vocabulary and skills. It’s a shared language among all the managers and we can get consensus among ourselves that way....The delegation model has helped. Without this model, I wouldn’t even know how to talk about it." - Senior Manager

"What I learned that I didn’t know about myself before the GROW program, is that I can control my own happiness with positive thinking. I'm not letting myself get too stressed and making it all a good experience through my positive mindset." - New Partner