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Still Life


Making Your Nonprofit, Arts or Membership Organization
More Effective and On Purpose

What is Your Purpose as an Organization?

Is Everyone in Alignment with That?

How Do You Get Back when You're Off Target?

How Do You Attract and Retain Members?

As a consultant, Sue helps non profit boards of directors define and follow their reason for being.

She also facilitates having each board member come into alignment and take proactive ownership of their organization, helping you with:

  • Separating purpose and "why?" from goals and action plans

  • Exploring individual missions and determining a good fit with the organization

  • Understanding how to work together as an effective team 

  • Encouraging proactive engagement and inclusive leadership, committees and membership involvement

  • Defining benefits for your membership and gaining their engagement and loyalty

Reconnect with what drives you to make a difference, because the world needs you now!


Sue, your skills of facilitating and listening were great. I greatly appreciate all the planning that contributed to today’s success.

It's clear that we (the Board) have much in common, as well as a variety of organizational strengths. Putting this all together, we can do great things and have fun doing so!

I see a difference in responsiveness in many of our members already. We like the new structure ... and seeing things happen without direction from me. Thank you for the time, energy, and expertise you put into it.... Sue, I've learned from you and you've made a difference.

Nancy Kaye, President, American Society of Media Photographers-Los Angeles 


Thanks for the ground rules…this went really well and gave people a chance to be heard…we were pleasantly surprised at the level of participation and active engagement – we thought it went great! Thank you again for a great session today. 

Jim Brammer, Treasurer, American Society of Media Photographers-Los Angeles 

Loved the questions, the flow and the atmosphere that you co-created with us.

Yulia Morris, Board Member, American Society of Media Photographers-Los Angeles 

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