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"I must thank you for all of your tremendous guidance and advice. It truly made a difference for me and helped me find who I wanted to be as a leader...Because of your mastery in your craft, I have sharpened the skills to land a manager role...Your program definitely changed my life.

Thank you once again for all of your words of wisdom."

-Financial Professional

"Sue is a truly exceptional coach with a full palate of skills. I just had my second session with her and experienced awakening insights worth decades of therapy. She gently guided me to navigate the release of layers of confusion and barriers to living my true potential...compassionate, intuitive and brilliantly insightful.

I highly recommend her as a coach."

-Medical Professional

"Sue, Thank you!...It was so fantastic...

This really shifted my perspective about certain relationships. Now when we interact, I am neutral, no anger or guilt! I used to make myself smaller in many situations to fit in...This has changed so much for me,

really powerful!"

- IT Professional

"Sue is a fierce and genuine supporter of her coaching clients. She has your back and stands in your corner... I came to Sue feeling rather despondent about my business, financial situation, and even my personal life... By giving me the tools I needed to change my mindset, and offering me practical advice for being an entrepreneur, Sue helped me get on a much better path, and ... I'll be referring to her tools and wisdom on a regular basis as I continue moving forward. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who is open minded enough to adopt new habits, see fresh perspectives, and grow tremendously."

-Entrepreneur/Marketing Consultant

"Sue welcomes you with a lot of compassion, motivation and good humour. Sue has an excellent combination of structure with intuition…incredibly released important information from my childhood. I am very fond and grateful to her...sessions with Sue was a wonderful experience.

I recommend her 100%."

-Strategic Planning Consultant

"What I learned that I didn’t know about myself that I can control my own happiness with positive thinking....Even though I have more to do this tax season than ever before, I'm not letting myself get too stressed and making it all a good experience through my positive mindset."

- New Partner

"What keeps me motivated now is that Sue had me write out my "WHY?" statement and career goals and post it to the bottom of my computer screen. It seemed silly to me at first, but I found myself reading it on the bad days and it helped me put things into perspective and stay focused on the positive." - Manager

"In general this...opened up our minds ...I can appreciate the mental aspect of it now more than I would’ve before. I can connect with people more and focus in more on that....Now my role is more managerial to help others grow, not just getting things done.  And I see that it’s starting to show up in my evaluations, about working well with staff and keeping it positive." - Senior Manager

"After our last coaching's the best tax season I've ever had! I was productive and helping people in a good frame of mind." - Senior Manager

"Your comment really helped me to get aware ...and make me really feel it not just to understand. I´ve done what you´ve suggested and I'm really starting to see my outer world changing. Suddenly I get appreciation everywhere... it has been noticed from our teamleads that I stand out positive lately. The most important thing that I have noticed, that I feel confident and have recognized my worth...Thank you!!...(update:)

So I got the appreciation I always wanted. I got the raise I wanted and they offered me a different position that align(s) more with my natural gifts...Thank you so much for giving me the guidance I needed."

-Staff Member

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