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CLIENT testimonials

"In general this program opened up our minds with different ways to approach situations and work processes. I can appreciate the mental aspect of it now more than I would’ve before. I can connect with people more and focus in more on that....Now my role is more managerial to help others grow, not just getting things done.  And I see that it’s starting to show up in my evaluations, about working well with staff and keeping it positive." - Senior Manager

"The partners' call with you last week was highly valuable. We made some changes to our  performance feedback process as a result and we're extremely grateful for your insight." - Managing Partner

"I had a general idea beforehand of all these concepts, but now I have a vocabulary and skills. It’s a shared language among all the managers and we can get consensus among ourselves that way....The delegation model,  has helped. Without this model, I wouldn’t even know how to talk about it." - Senior Manager

"What I learned that I didn’t know about myself before the GROW program, is that I can control my own happiness with positive thinking. I'm not letting myself get too stressed and making it all a good experience through my positive mindset." - New Partner

"Your coaching has been invaluable! I appreciate how open, available and supportive you've been. I don't know how I would have gotten through this time without you. Thank you so much!" - Senior Manager

"What keeps me motivated now is that Sue had me write out my "WHY?" statement and career goals and post it to the bottom of my computer screen. It seemed silly to me at first, but I found myself reading it on the bad days and it helped me put things into perspective and stay focused on the positive." - Manager

"After our last coaching talk, I've had 3 really good weeks! I feel good - it's the best tax season I've ever had! I was productive and helping people in a good frame of mind." - Senior Manager

"Your coaching check-ins during season really helped remind me of the concepts - plus we just had the best Manager meeting we ever had!" - Senior Manager

"Even though I have more to do this tax season than ever before, I'm less stressed - thanks to your tools that help me choose to be calm!" - New Partner

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