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Retain and Motivate Good People to G.R.O.W.

 in Your Organization

Gain New Skills, Reset Your Mind, Own Your Strengths, Work Your Goals






  • Your Personal Mission/”Why?” Statement

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 (online assessment available)

  • Your Emotional Guidance System; Emotional Upgrades



  • Time + Energy Management; Prioritizing; Procrastination; Planning

  • Building Trust With Others/Your Team; Languages of Appreciation

  • Delegation Styles; Coaching Questions To Enrich Communication

  • Difficult Conversations Becoming Learning Opportunities



  • Selling Yourself With Confidence

  • Creating True Loyalty + Engagement With Clients




Studies show that 1-on-1 coaching reinforces classroom learning and helps people implement change.

Hearing the challenges and successes of others and learning together is an empowering experience! 


Here's What GROW  Clients Say:

  • In general this program opened up our minds with different ways to approach situations and work processes. I can appreciate the mental aspect of it now more than I would’ve before. I can connect with people more and focus in more on that....Now my role is more managerial to help others grow, not just getting things done.  And I see that it’s starting to show up in my evaluations, about working well with staff and keeping it positive. - Senior Manager

  • I had a general idea beforehand of all these concepts, but now I have a vocabulary and skills. It’s a shared language among all the managers and we can get consensus among ourselves that way....The delegation model has helped. Without this model, I wouldn’t even know how to talk about it. - Senior Manager

  • What I learned that I didn’t know about myself before the GROW program, is that I can control my own happiness with positive thinking. I'm not letting myself get too stressed and making it all a good experience through my positive mindset. - New Partner

  • You have such a knack for putting things in perspective. - Manager 


  • Even though I have more to do this tax season than ever before, I'm less stressed - thanks to your tools that help me choose to be calm!  - New Partner


  • Sue always asks good questions that challenge me and help me become a better manager. - Senior Manager

  • Techniques for emotional upgrades. I am starting to explore the benefits of your 15 Second Meditation and incorporating it into my daily habit. - Manager

  • I never thought about the "why" of my career path before in this way...It's understanding why I like doing what I do. - Senior Manager

Organizations that offer personal and professional development to their staff enjoy greater retention, happier engagement and improved client service.

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