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"EQs" - Empowered Questions to Solve Problems and Find Some Peace Along the Way

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Early in my career I did a lot of sales trainings for banks nationwide. The cornerstone of that work was to teach the importance of asking good questions, e.g. “What are the client's needs? How can you help them? What are your next steps?”, etc.

Now, I teach using open questions in my GROW trainings for managers, such as, “Tell me how you arrived at this answer. How can you do even better? How can we work together to help each other?” and so forth.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Beckwith, I've been introduced to the next level of questioning, what can be called "EQs" - Empowered Questions. Whatever area of life or work is challenging for you at this time, applying EQs can bring results you never expected. Usually, either consciously or unconsciously, we ask "disempowering questions" such as "Who's to blame? What's wrong with me/them? Why is this happening? Why me?" EQs turn the attention away from the problem and toward the solution.

Here is a list of the best EQ's to apply to any current situation. In the morning, simply select several of the ones that best apply to your situation now, read them aloud and then go about your day. Repeat the same process at night. That's all! Then be aware and look out for inklings, intuitive insights, new thoughts and ideas that come easily to you. The answers will appear without needing to struggle or analyze the problem.

My clients are now using these questions during performance evaluation conversations and having highly productive discussions!

I'm excited to share these with you. Write out your best questions and add your own.

Share these with the people you coach, manage, work with and live with.

o What can I learn here from this situation?

o What do I need to let go of - beliefs, ego, people, situations and expectations - that no longer serve me?

o What good is present here that I can't see?

o How are others mirroring some of my own issues to address?

o What will serve others best right now, while respecting my own boundaries?

o What is trying to emerge in my work/life/relationship now?

o And finally, the best question I have ever heard: If this situation never changes, how would I have to shift to be at peace?

This is a tough time for everyone. Let's ask the right questions to allow our most empowered movement forward.

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