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G.R.O.W. Your SELF


Coaching and empowering you to be at your best, so you can create energy, passion

and results in your business, career, relationships and life!


Are You Ready To...

Gain New Skills, Reset Your Mind, Own Your Strengths + Work Your Goals?

Coaching is flexible and customized for your needs, timeframes and goals.



  • Positive Thinking and The Emotional Guidance Scale - How To Feel Better No Matter What!

  • Meditation – The Long and The Short of It

  • Your Personal Vision + Purpose - "Why" You Do What You Do

  •  Are You Using Your Strengths Every Day? (Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0 Assessment)



  • Your Personal Brand/Image; Owning + Projecting Your Confidence

  • Attracting Business - Effort vs. Ease; Forced vs. Inspired Action

  • Selling Yourself - What's the Process That is Right for You?


  • Building Trust, Empowerment, Honest Communication + Connection


  • The 6 Human Needs

  • How To Be Not Nice, But Kind


  • Conducting Difficult Conversations and Performance Evaluations


  • Your Time (& Energy) Management



Sue is a fierce and genuine supporter of her coaching clients. She has your back and stands in your corner, which in turn empowers you to feel like you can stand in your own corner too. I came to Sue feeling rather despondent about my business, financial situation, and even my personal life. I lacked the confidence I needed to take steps forward, and I needed someone to help me see that I was smart and powerful enough to do it - I just needed some encouragement, guidance, and wisdom!


By giving me the tools I needed to change my mindset, and offering me practical advice for being an entrepreneur, Sue helped me get on a much better path, and I feel like I'm closer to achieving my goals. I'll be referring to her tools and wisdom on a regular basis as I continue moving forward. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who is open minded enough to adopt new habits, see fresh perspectives, and grow tremendously.  - Entrepreneur/Owner

Thank you for helping me when I needed it the most! I really appreciate you and your invaluable feedback that has gotten me unstuck and moved me forward. I'm much happier now! - CPA


Your coaching has been invaluable! I appreciate how open, available and supportive you've been. I don't know how I would have gotten through this time without you. Thank you so much! CPA

I would not have been able to pass the CPA exam without you, Sue! - Manager



Individuals who pursue personal and professional development

enjoy happier engagement in their careers and lives.

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